Stop the extinction

We have a non-rebellious approach to halting the loss of biodiversity

We want to fight and recover the loss of habitat and stop individual species from becoming extinct including insects, butterflies, birds, vegetation and animals

  • We believe most people would like something to be done about the ever accelerating loss of biodiversity.

  • We hear some reports in the news and sometimes it is referred to as an extinction event but very little is being done and most ordinary people are not really aware of the scope of the problem.

  • The fact is that there is a vast decline of both the numbers and types of species. For example in Europe, birds in the country side are disappearing especially the different types of birds. The same goes for fish. And the insects which the before mentioned depend on and it also includes the beautiful butterflies. This is also happening to reptiles and other animals and not just in Europe but around the world.

  • Most scientists are aware of the problem but feel powerless to do something significant about it.

  • Too many people are content with taking only symbolic measures in the fight for the environment, such as recycling, re naturalizing tiny areas or remote places, banning plastic straws, placing expectations on other countries while not doing enough at home and sometimes even substituting one problem for another.

  • Climate change is a factor but it is not the only one and in the face of our losing battle with climate change it is even more important to have an alternative or additional strategy, a Plan B.

  • We would like to get scientists to work together on this problem. First of all to get them together in a large enough group to be heard. Then to engage the politicians and others to put enough resources into this fight. To fight to save our planet deserves at least as much resources as we put into defense.

  • We need to create green corridors which would help species move from south to north and from low altitude to higher altitudes, to create areas of pristine lakes and waterways with varied vegetation at different locations where everything is not being killed off by fertilization and pesticides.

  • In our view much of this land can also benefit the general public by giving them greater access to pure nature which in turn would get their support for ever more.

  • We also need more industry independent research and quick action to save what can be saved in the short run.

Biodiversity Vision is our appeal to the general public

to do something about Biodiversity.

Examine our Biodiversity Vision campaign

to get a better insight into what we are about.

You can help right away by spreading the word about Biodiversity Vision and

by helping with the translations.

You make the difference

  • Your help is integral to making this vision a reality. There is a lot of work to be done, both creative work and repetitive work. We need to find and contact scientists and organize a lot of things.

  • In return we offer you to stay at our wonderful place in the Swiss mountains overlooking a beautiful lake and the majestic Alps or in Iceland overlooking a beautiful glacier and volcano

  • You can book your volunteer place in Iceland or Switzerland today or you can apply to help online and be rewarded later by a stay at one of our places or participation in a volunteer camp event.