Volunteer by the Swiss Alps

How to get to our place in Switzerland

By flight, train, car, bus or hitchhiking  (Continue reading)

By flight:

The closest airports are Zurich and Basel.  Other possible airports are Milan, Italy, and Munich, Germany.  To complete your journey see the section "By train (and local bus).

By long distance bus:

Long distance buses end stations tend to be Zurich and Lucerne.   It does not matter much which one you choose as these cities are equal distance from us.  To complete your journey see the next sections.

By train (and local bus):

You can go all the way to Rothenthurm (from there it is a 1.5 hour walk to our place) or to Zug and from there take bus nr.1 to Oberaegeri Station -convenient bus as both stations are end stations-  (from there is about an hour walk uphill to our place.   Easier to navigate than from Rothenthurm and there our recommended route).  Do not be tempted to choose bus stations that appear to be closer as the path from these goes through a forest and potentially muddy pastures which are not suitable when arriving for the first time with luggage.   If you arrive at a reasonable hour you could try hitchhiking the final leg of jour journey.  You may need to disembark from your long distance trains in Zurich, Lucerne, Zug or Arth Goldau.

By hitchhiking:

Some people do.

By car, motorbike or bicycle:

Is very easy.  Please note that the last streach it is a narrow climing country road that is much loved by people on bikes.  The road is kept clear of snow.  We are located between Oberaegeri and Rothenthurm.  You will get the exact address once you book.  When coming from the east side an intermediate destination is Steinstoss Stubli.

By carshare

Maybe you can share a car all the way or maybe you will have to use other methods of transport for the last legs.  People who are going long distances e.g. between Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Germany and France like to get a true feeling for Switzerland and stop at our place on the way.  Maybe you can share a car with someone that would love to experience the Alpine view on their way and stay a night.

By Taxi, Uber or similar

Be sure you are aware how much this will cost as it may not be cheap.

Healthy Living

Our aim is to better the world.   It is therefore important to us that our volunteers provide a good example for each other.  Therefore

Pros and Cons for this location

Our place is not for you if you are