Volunteer by the Swiss Alps

Healthy Living

Our aim is to better the world. It is therefore important to us that our volunteers provide a good example for each other. Therefore

  • A leaning towards a normal healthy diet
  • Absolutely no drugs
  • No smoking
  • And normally no alcohol

Pros and Cons for this location

  • This place has a stunning view
  • About 1000 meters up the mountain
  • It is one hour from public transport (half an hour if you take a shortcut through the woods)
  • Also one hour from the nearest towns of Oberägeri and Rothenthurm

Our place is not for you if you are

  • a city person
  • a party person (although we do sometimes listen to loud music and dance)
  • you do not tolerate alternative lifestyles
  • you do not believe in gender equality
  • dishonest