Volunteer in Iceland

How to get to our place in Iceland

By ship:

Unless you make some special arrangements to go with some other ship.  Your choice is restricted to Smyril-Line that leaves from Hirtshals Denmark from middle of March through November  (There may be some other ferries you can use to get there first e.g. from the UK).   This choice is not particularly cheap.  The Iceland destination is Seydisfjordur that is as far away from our place as possible.  Coming by car or camper van can only be recommended if you are staying long and want mobility.  We would give you a special deal if you would sleep in your camper van on nights when we could otherwise be fully booked.

By flight:

The only International airport that has flights scheduled is Keflavik (sometimes refferred to as Reykjavik).  Many airlines fly there Icelandair and Play offer the most seats.  To complete your journey see the sections below. 

By bus:

From the airport to Reykjavik you have the choice of the Airport shuttle or the local bus.  The latter is considerably cheaper but you probably need to stay for one night in the Reykjavik area on your way to or from our place as it is generally not possible to complete the journey all the way from the airport in one day, due to unmatched schedules.  The trip from Reykjavik is very convenient as the bus stops in our street, Haarif, Rif, Iceland.  You will need to change buses 2 times on the way but these bus changes are easy.  Please note that the bus only stops at our place 4 times a week.  

By hitchhiking:

Some people do.  Quite easy in Iceland.

By car, motorbike, bicycle or skateboard:

Is very easy.  You can avoid any mountain passes if you like.  Rental cars are very expensive in July and August.  If there is snow it tends to be cleared at least once a day.  Check the forcast and road conditions before you travel.  We are located in Haarif, Rif, Iceland.  You will get the exact address once you book.  For a normal car you can choose between 2 mountain passes or coming around the penninsula.  All similar driving distances.  You are not allowed to bicycle, walk or skateboard through the Hvalfjardar tunnel in which case you would need to go that strech by car or take a long detour.

By carshare

Maybe you can share a car all the way or maybe you will have to use other methods of transport for the last legs, e.g. from Stykkisholmur.  Maybe you can share a car with someone that would love to experience the possibilities of seeing the Northern-Lights or the midnight sun and stay a night or longer.

By Taxi, Uber or similar

Way too expensive.

Information about the Freebus:

There is a free school bus that runs between the next town and the next village during the day on weekdays.

Healthy Living

Our aim is to better the world.   It is therefore important to us that our volunteers provide a good example for each other.  Therefore

Pros and Cons for this location

Our Iceland location is not for you if you are

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