Activities in free time

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Group free-time activities for volunteers

Various optional group activities may be organized by the volunteers and potentially with our help. For example:

  • Cooking

  • Dancing

  • Walks

  • Hikes e.g. on top of the Great Mythen

  • Spa visits

  • Visits to historic places

  • Visits to picturesque places

  • Visits to Zoos

  • Photography (XLR and Mobile)

  • Trips to nearby countries and areas, such as Zurich, Lucerne, Germany, Munich, Austria, Lichtenstein, France, Ticino and Italy

  • Yoga sessions

  • (all possibilities are not consistently available and may incur costs such as travel and entry fees)

Or free-time activities on your own

  • Or you may prefer to undertake some of the above activities on your own or with some other people.

  • You may want to just relax

  • Enjoy the ever changing view. The clouds coming and going. The lake. The Alps. The ducks on our pond. The chickens and cows and other animals.

  • To read. (We have a large selection on books on site.)

  • To study

  • Or work elsewhere part time online