Only European ID or tourist Schengen visa required to visit Iceland or Switzerland 

Another video by a volunteer can be found on the miscellaneous page

Simply book your introductory stay using the links below

but CHECK first if you qualify

UPDATED!  Fast Track to volunteering in Iceland or Switzerland 

Unfortunately we do not have time to go through all the applications for volunteering so we have made it simple for people who really want to join our community.

You can book an introductory stay through Airbnb, up to one week.  During your introductory stay you can evaluate if you would be interested in staying and ultimately volunteering for a longer period.

Like so many volunteering organizations we need to charge you a small fee so that we can cover the cost of the accommodation.  The basic fee is now Euro 20 per night.  This fee could be slightly lower or higher depending on how good you are at volunteering and based on how busy we are.  In any case if this fee were to be adjusted we would do that in consultation with yourself.  The introductory stay may be priced differently.  In Iceland we tend to have only short term opportunities during the summer. 

The responsibility to select the right person to volunteer lies much with you yourself because if volunteering with us does not suit you it surely does not suit us either, because we only want to have happy volunteers.  So if you are considering volunteering you really need to understand what is on offer and if that is suitable for you and if you have what it takes.

We have simplified the process of becoming a volunteer.  So you could be on your way to an exciting adventure within the next hour

You can do a self check first to see if you qualify.

We have updated the application form so that at the same time you can make sure it is a good match.

Please visit our booking page to check availability for your introductory stay.  If your introductory stay works out there is the possibility of staying longer.

In addition to booking your introductory stay please also fill out this form here and connect via WhatsApp with the telephone number that is given there and introduce yourself telling us about your airbnb booking but also about how long you are interested in staying in total.  What languages you speak and in what way you think you can be of the most help.

Volunteering is great

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The type of volunteer projects currently in the pipeline