Initial steps to volunteer

  • Book your volunteer place in Iceland or Switzerland apply for our online program with the option of being rewarded by coming to our volunteer camp event or as an onsite volunteer later

  • If needed get a tourist visa

  • Consider how you can help

  • Agree on a timeline

  • Make your travel arrangements

Typical day

  • Make sure the place is clean and comfortable

  • Contribute creatively to project ideas and how to move forward

  • If the weather is good, work can be postponed for later, go hiking

  • Work on projects, work with contacts

  • Relax


  • Your accommodation in a shared dormitory is very cheap and for those that prove to be good volunteers online it is free

  • Your flight and other transport is at your own expense

Why volunteer

  • To experience a new environment without having to pay for accommodation

  • To help make this place possible

  • To contribute to great projects

Does not suit everyone, e.g.

  • Do you have a problem being with other volunteers or being on your own? You need to be prepared for both possibilities

  • Are you very immature? This is no playschool, you need to show some initiative and show some responsibility

  • Are you very self centered? There is considerable obvious and not so obvious effort on our behalf to enable you to be here. Appreciation in the form of not always putting your self in the forefront and being able to see things from the other side is important

  • Are you inconsiderate, incapable, just careless or absent minded? If we are having an online conversation do you suddenly just stop writing back? Do you not inform if you would like to change your plans? Would you leave a place with open windows? Would you not take a final look at what ever task you have been doing, to doublecheck if it has been done right? Are you not able to see things yourself? Does everything need to be pointed out to you?

  • Do you have some psychological problems? We are all different and we have some tolerance to different personalities but we can accept psychologically disturbed individuals

  • Are you a thief or otherwise dishonest? We have absolutely no tolerance or place for you

  • If you are lazy forget this place

  • Does everything have to be politically correct? We like to joke a lot, fool around and may advice you even on sensitive subjects or criticize you or your place of origin in a good natured way. Our private conversation should remain private. If you have a problem with all that look elsewhere

  • Are you mute when it comes to discussing your concerns? If you can not find the appropriate place and time to discuss what's on your heart we can not help you nor do we want to host you in the first place. We have no place for drama queens

  • Are you close minded and do you find it hard to accept anything but traditional values? Then this is no place for you for we are very liberal

  • Are you anything ultra? For example an ultra feminist, radical vegan, very religious. We believe in feminism, in good treatment of animals, in good over evil but any form of extremism is not compatible with our small environment

  • Do you smoke, take drugs or need to drink alcohol? Even if you do that secretly. Then this place is not for you for we would like to set a good example and provide a healthy environment for our volunteers.

  • Are you not into cleanliness? You must be willing to maintain your personal hygiene and clean after yourself in your own time, especially as you may be sharing a room with others

  • If you have some other personal issues that might have relevance to being here or with other people, allergies, issues with trusting others, snoring and so on, you should discuss that before arranging to come